Days 2 & 3:

What I worked on

  • Studied Anki flashcards for Module 1
  • Played with VoiceOver on my iPhone
  • Completed Web Accessibility 2: People and Digital Technology
  • Added another page of notes in Notion

Topics Covered

  • Assistive technologies and adaptive strategies
  • Physical and visual disabilities
  • Hearing and speech disabilities
  • Cognition and learning disabilities
  • Where people meet digital technology


People with disabilities and even those that don't may use a combination of technologies that makes it easier for them to access content. It is important to use best practices and follow the WCAG guidelines so that your site and the assistive/adaptive technology of choice by the user can best work together. An interesting thing that I learned is that important to make your website not just for mobile users, but also for users that may increase the zoom level on their desktop. When your site is responsive, the page is then converted into one column making it much easier for a person to read without horizontal scrolling.